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Stop 100 - Introduction to the OHA and our services

OHA provides many wonderful benefits to our patrons that you'll want to hear about


Stop 200 - The 1906 Bell Telephone Building, now home of the OHA
OHA is housed in the landmark 1906 Bell Telephone Building . Listen to the tour while enjoying the historic photographs.

Stop 200

Rendering of the 1906 Bell Telephone Building.
Later, the building was extended on the south end.

Telephone Operators were located on the fifth floor

Stop 300 Toys From Your Childhood: The Sensational Seventies!
Stop 301

Evel Knievel
Battle of the Little Big Horn
History of the Pacific
Desert Fox
Cattle Drive

Stop 302
GI Joe Adventure Team

Stop 303
Six Million Dollar Man
The Bionic Woman
Big Jim

Stop 304
KISS lunchbox and transitor radio
Donny and Marie
Banana Splits
The Waltons game

Stop 305

Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans
Dancing Bear
Hungry, Hungry Hippos
Let It Be

Stop 306 Space Age Motif



Star Trek
Close Encounters

Stop 307
Darth Vader Carrying Case
Mastermind and Simon
Electronic Football Game
Pivot Pool

Stop 308
King Friday XIII and Lady Elaine Fairchilde puppets
Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots
Toot A Loop bracelet radio

Stop 309
Charlie's Angels
Battlestar Gallactica trading cards
  All In The Family Game

Stop 310
  Rubik's Cube

Stop 400 - Capturing the Conflict: How Artists Revealed the American Civil War

This exhibition utilizes paintings, prints, photographs, sketches and clothing made during the war by an array of individuals. There is an emphasis on images with local connections, either by the artist or photographer being from Central New York or through the subject involving activities of soldiers from this area.

Stop 401

  Sgt. Liily

Stop 402

Battle of Ft. Stevens


Stop 403

USS Kearsarge


Stop 404

Barnard's portfolio

Stop 405
Portrait of Dwight

Stop 406

Portrait of Brown


Stop 407
Stop 1 - Exhibition at the COE
This OHA exhibit examines our community's heritage regarding energy and environmental innovation.

Stop 1: Eli Thomas Painting

Stop 2: Exhibit Overview - left side

Stop 3: Salt Production

Stop 4: Exhibit Overview - right side

Stop 10: John Edson Sweet

Stop 13: Ner-A-Car

Stop 15: Carrier air-conditioner

Stop 18: Erie Canal & Model Boat

Stop 20: Myers' house & AME Zion Church

Stop 26: L.C. Smith
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