About OHA
Phone Number: 315-428-1864

Gregg Tripoli, X-311, Executive Director

Daniel Connors, X-319, General Manager of Skä·noñh – Great Law of Peace Center 453-6767

Dennis Connors
, X-310, Curator of History

Karen Cooney, X-312, Support Services Administrator

Thomas Hunter, X-320, Curator of Collections

Sarah Kozma, X-325, Research Specialist

Lynne Pascale, X-314, Director of Development

Scott Peal, X-317, Education Associate

Michael Piscitell, X-316, Director of Finance

Pamela Priest
, X-313, Archivist /
Research Center Manager

Renee Ross, X-324, Gift Gallery Manager

Jon Zella, X-315, Development Associate

Board of Directors

Lee DeAmicis, President
Louis J. Steigerwald, III, Vice President
Dr. David Murray, Secretary
Raymond V. Grimaldi, CPA, Treasurer
Charles Baracco, CPA, Assistant Treasurer

Honorary Directors
Hon. Joanie Mahoney
Hon. Stephanie Miner

Nancy Bottar
Lorraine Branham
Nancy Collins
George Curry
Bea Gonzalez

Marilyn Higgins
Daniel D. Lent
Glynn Matthews, CEM
John T. McCann, Esq.
Walter Miller

Diane Miron
Tara Ross, JD
Michael Stancyzk, Esq.
James Stoddard, Jr.

Vision Statement

To instill pride in place and identity, to create a determination to build and leave legacies that are worthy of our great heritage, and to provide enhanced judgment and optimism in charting a promising future.

Mission Statement

Onondaga Historical Association exists to inspire people’s understanding that the history we share as a community is the foundation for our future together. Our purpose is to educate and to encourage the exploration, appreciation, and utilization of the past in order to add value throughout our community and bring the great stories of Onondaga County’s history to a worldwide audience.

Value Statement

To uphold the trust and respect of our community as the repository for its history by demonstrating that we honor and value its diverse cultural heritage.


Onondaga Historical Association
321 Montgomery St.,  Syracuse, NY. 13202
Phone 315-428-1864, Fax: 315-471-2133